The Freelancers Academy


25 & 26 June 2022

10 AM to 5 PM

Virtual @ Zoom

If the term “marketing” causes some sort of uneasiness and anxiety in you, you are not alone. 

Perhaps these thoughts often cross your mind:

I’m a freelancer! 

Digital marketing? Pffft~ I already know my market, and they love me!

I’m an expert at my craft, I’m no marketer!

But deep down, you know…

You know marketing is part of a freelancer’s business. What’s more, you know it’s a pretty important part of your freelance business. And you can’t afford to ignore it any longer.

Well, here at The Freelancers Academy – otherwise lovingly known as TFA – we’re freelancers ourselves and trust us when we say: WE GET IT.

We really do.

That’s why we’ve been trying our best to bring you the most relevant knowledge to help you accelerate your marketing efforts, in the fastest time possible and with NONE of the headache involved!

2 Days • 12 Hours • 6 Trainers
Elevate Your Marketing Bootcamp

About the Bootcamp

Fast track your digital marketing skills and boost your marketing competency in just one weekend!

We’ve brought together a line-up of highly competent keynote trainers to help you bring your digital marketing to the next level. These are all experienced freelancers and very qualified business owners in their own right.

So don’t worry, you are in extremely good hands.

Not only do they run profitable freelance businesses themselves, they have also gone through the exact same journey you’re on right now. The journey to becoming a successful freelancer! They’ve experienced the ups and downs of advertising as a freelancer, understand the marketing struggles you’re going through and most importantly, they know how to overcome them.

And now, they are more than willing to share this hard-earned knowledge with you, to help you market more confidently and effectively.

The Trainers

Liyana Ahmad

Lookeesan Creatives


The Freelancers Academy

Hinly Wong

Hinly Wong Written

Renee Ismail

The Freelancers Academy

Eugene Tan


Bella Khaja

Nimble Marketing Consultancy

Bella Khaja

Nimble Marketing Consultancy

Eugene Tan


Liyana Ahmad

Lookeesan Creatives

Renee Ismail

The Freelancers Academy


The Freelancers Academy

Hinly Wong

Hinly Wong Written

Who is this Bootcamp for?

This bootcamp is perfect for you if you’re:

✅ Struggling to market your freelance business
✅ Creating great content but don’t know what’s next
Finding it hard to create awareness for your unique brand
Lacking accountability
Open to constructive feedback
Are looking for a close-knit group of fellow freelancers to grow and succeed together
Are excited to elevate your freelance profession!

There’s one caveat though…

We have bootcamp homework!

(Here’s a secret, we’ve got attractive prizes prepared for attendees who complete their homework. So you know what you gotta do to stand a chance to win! *winkwink*)

You see, if you’re willing to learn and put in the work, we are more than excited to invite you to join us at Elevate Your Freelance Bootcamp on the 25th and 26th of June 2022.

Bonus savings if you bring a friend to elevate your freelance business together!

Grab Your Tickets

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Additional Funding & Discounts Available

e2i subsidized course fee

If you are a Singaporean or Singapore PR, you are eligible for a 50% subsidised rate! The rate is already subsidised and you’ll have to submit a form to complete registration.

If you do not submit the form, we will bill you the full ticket amount.

Eligible for UTAP claim

Under UTAP, if you’re an NTUC member, you can enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support, capped at $250 each year, for courses supported by UTAP. Check out more information here:

(This is a reimbursement grant)

Event Schedule

Curious to know what will happen over the 2 days?

Meet your trainers below! They’re accompanied by a sneak peek of what you’ll be learning from them. Don’t be fooled. What’s not featured is the golden nuggets and mind-blowing breakthroughs you’ll experience during the BootCamp.

But for now, the trainers are eager to say hi to you, and we won’t keep them waiting!

Designing for Instagram Made Easy

Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a non-designer stressing out over your Instagram designs, this training is for you. Creating your designs for Instagram doesn’t have to be difficult, let Liyana show you how!

Secrets to Emails Ideal Clients Want to Read

Struggling with email? In this training, Hinly will share with you insider secrets on how to transform your email marketing game and write emails that your ideal clients will want to read and buy from.

Audio, The Future of Marketing

Enhance your business with audio marketing! Let AJ teach you how to be ahead of the curve by setting up your audio game for success. You’ll leave this training with valuable tips and tricks on how to optimise audio marketing for your business growth.

Discover Your Searchability Factor

Make your business known on Google by leveraging SEO. Don’t worry, Search Engine Optimisation is not as complex as it sounds, especially with the help of certified SEO expert Eugene, aka The SEO King.

Meta Business Suite for All your Biz Needs

As busy freelancers, it’s important to be efficient and keep things in one hub. For this training, Bella is going to share some cool tricks with you on navigating the complexities of Meta Business Suite and how to utilise it to supercharge your marketing.

Leveraging on Short Form Videos

No sophisticated gear for creating video? No problem! Renee will teach you how to create engaging short form videos, with minimal gear and no headache. This training will leave you reaching for your phone, excited to make your first Instagram reel.

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Let's elevate freelancing together, for freelancers, by freelancers.

Why Trust TFA?

This is where we tell you how amazing we are and why you should reaaaally trust us…

But seriously, we started TFA for one reason and one reason only. To help freelancers and self-employed amazing persons (hey, that’s you!) elevate your freelance profession.

Built by freelancers for freelancers, you can expect a safe community to come learn, build and grow your freelance business together with like-minded individuals.

It’s not easy being a freelancer. You’re busy, with many things on your plate. And if you’re running your freelance business on the side, you have even more to deal with.

We truly understand.

But you can’t ignore marketing.

After all, how are people going to know how amazing your services are, unless you market them?

And Elevate Your Freelance Bootcamp can help you do exactly that, market your unique brand and amazing services confidently, effectively and successfully.

See you on the inside!