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Your Data is Important

About this ByteClass Get Started Regarding data and data loss, it is critical for freelancers as information is one of their most valuable assets. You are looking at the importance of backups of your data and storage types. Data recovery can cost a lot of money but does not necessarily have to, depending on the …

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Upworking VA

About this ByteClass Get Started Working from everywhere as a virtual assistant is a promising career unlikely any other. If done right, it will give you the lifestyle you truly deserve. Are you starting your journey to be a VA but don’t know where to start? Maybe you are doubting yourself with multiple questions about …

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Growing Your Business

About this ByteClass Get Started If you want to increase your reach, a vertical or horizontal growth strategy is one way to achieve your goals. It takes time and money to build a company and keep it profitable but this ByteClass will guide you to grow a small business from scratch with different strategies and how you …

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Business Email Writing Hacks

About this ByteClass Get Started Feel stuck when crafting out email replies to your prospects and clients? Here’s a ByteClass to help you get unstuck. Learn quick hacks to make your business emails better to communicate clearly and effectively with your prospect or existing clients. In this ByteClass, we cover the old versus the new …

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Design Thinking for Freelancers

About this ByteClass Get Started In this Byteclass, I explain how you can use the concepts behind design thinking as a hack for your business operations, sales and management. In specific, I will also be talking about how you Freelancers or Solo Entrepreneurs can use Design Thinking as a problem solving approach to have a …

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