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Cashflow optimization was inspired by the motivation to maximize and utilize every dollar of our income. Most people tend to spend and save the rest or save and spend the rest. There is no specific allocation that would encourage maximizing wealth accumulation.
In this aspect, freelancers face a few problems:
  1. Lack of proper allocation of resources as they tend to place too much emphasis on liquidity.
  2. Not committing enough to important assets like insurance and savings due to the fear of being unable to commit.
  3. Inefficient allocation of resources and losing opportunity costs
With the cash flow optimization model, freelancers will be able to understand the effectiveness of proper resource allocation. 

Key Concepts

About the Expert

Benjamin is a senior financial consultant at Prudential, best known for his methods in helping consumers maximize the potential of their finances. He specializes in portfolio restructuring and optimization, such that financial plans can remain relevant and updated.

He believes that every individual, regardless of financial background, can achieve success through systematic strategies coupled with the guidance of a competent financial adviser.

Benjamin grew up in a family of financial planners and has been well-equipped with three decades worth of knowledge and expertise. In 2020, he was top 10 in Prudential’s Top Rookie Financial

Consultants category and achieved MDRT for both 2021 and 2022.