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Want to kickstart freelancing but don’t know how?
Struggling to find the right services for your freelance business?
Curious to know how to take your business to the next level?

Introducing: The Freelancers Starter Pack!
This ultimate starter pack is the first and only directory you’ll ever need to help scale your freelance business!

With this FSP, you’ll have a specially curated list of service providers at your fingertips whenever you need them.

No more relentlessly scrolling and searching for the right people for the service needed, start saving time by doing more important tasks and let FSP handle the search for the right people!

With The Freelancers Starter Pack, you can unlock:

💡 A B2B platform based directory

💡 Best price guaranteed

💡 Fees up to 30% lower than market rate

💡 Specially curated list of service providers

💡 Work with awesome highly reliable service providers in their industry

About The Freelancers Starter Pack

As freelancers, how we engage other fellow freelancers is usually by Word of Mouth or recommendations. The trust we have from a friend or someone whom we’ve worked with is far greater than the vast portfolios made available.

Of course, there are reviews from others but there’s more weight when you trust someone.

At TFA, our aim is to elevate the profession of freelancers. We trust our freelancers and our freelancers trust us when we provide recommendations.

That’s why we value your trust that we’ve decided to do the heavy lifting of filtering passionate, efficient and easy to work with freelancers to extend their services to you.

We introduce to you, the first and only freelance directory you’ll ever need to help scale or kick start your freelance business!

Start having more time to focus on your freelance business and let the FSP handle all the time-consuming search for the right people for your freelance business!

You can purchase the FSP for SGD$25 only!

The best part, with just one purchase you have access to all the service providers available in the FSP!

Types of services in The Freelancers Starter Pack


  • Branding services
  • Business coaching
  • Communication coaching
  • Virtual admin services


  • Social media marketing solutions
  • Email marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Creative content marketing
  • Videography services
  • Podcasting services


  • Basic corporate website
  • Professional corporate website (showcase of company, products & services)


  • Event spaces


  • Yin Yang yoga flow

& more..

We are working towards adding more service providers into the FSP

What's different about The Freelancers Starter Pack?

💡 We understand the pain points and struggles of a freelancer because we’ve been there

💡 Specially curated and hand-picked services that every freelancer would require at different stages of their freelance business

💡 Streamlined your search process of quality freelancers by doing all the groundwork for you

💡 Get connected to our network of service providers made available for you

💡 One time purchase, lifelong access!

Who should get The Freelancers Starter Pack?​

  • Budding freelancers
  • Doing freelance as a side hustle
  • Freelancers who have been stagnant
  • Freelancers who want to stay in trend in the digital age
  • Freelancers looking at outsourcing and upscaling

Got Questions

Yes, you can! Within the FSP, all you need to do is to reach out to the services providers via their email and mention to them you’re part of The Freelancer Starter Pack.

Drop us an email at and we’re more than happy to add on more service providers you need to help elevate your freelance business!

  • One-time purchase and lifelong access!
  • Our FSP goes with the trends, it will be constantly updated with more services to cater to your needs

The Freelancers Starter Pack is priced affordably. You are guaranteed with the best price of up to 30% lower than market rate. There will be no refunds available once you’ve purchase the FSP. However, we’re confident you’ll benefit from the FSP as we curate the list of service providers especially for you.