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The ultimate marketing bundle you’ve been waiting for is here..

Does your business revolve around essential oils?
Struggling with branding, marketing and designing your content?
Want to get your business out to a larger crowd?

Introducing: the Ultimate Marketing Essentials for Essential Oils Bundle!

This bundle is a collaborative effort by female business owners who bring together their resources to help you address the struggles you face in growing your essential oil passion or business.

With this bundle, you will be equipped with the right tools to strategise, optimise and boost your essential oil business on social media and beyond.

Get a holistic understanding of how to improve your: 

  • Brand Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Website Content 
  • Social Media Content
  • Social Media Writing
  • Audio
  • Video

With this bundle, you can:

💌 Create better designs and branding

💌 Discover the tricks to different content types

💌 Fill up your content calendar with more ideas

💌 Save time with templates and guides

💌 Learn ways to grow your essential oil business

About the Bundle

Running an essential oil business can be daunting, especially if you’re new to the business or if you do it SOLO.

It takes SO MUCH TIME to process all the new marketing information out there. It’s a mammoth task to read through the tips and best practices and do what’s suitable.

And time is so valuable, especially when you’re the sole person who has to do the branding, design, writing, marketing, website AND the one who closes the sale and packs orders, too.

Now there’s help!

With this essential oil bundle, you will be equipped with the right branding, design, writing, video, audio, website and content tools to help you grow your essential oil business.

Read through the PDFs and watch the videos in the bundle to learn from business owners who have already tried and tested out different content types. 

We share what works with you so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

We save you precious time by offering you bitesize, actionable and easy-to-follow steps.


EO Instastories Engagement Sequence by 15BigDreams
(Valued at $29)

No idea of what to share on Instagram Stories? Want more engagement from your followers? In this ebook, get 15 Instagram story ideas to encourage your followers to engage with you. Each idea serves a different purpose. Now you can keep your stories alive and active every day!

EO Captions Guide & Hashtag List by Mini Marketing Hacks (Valued at $29)

Stumped for words when writing social media captions? This ebook details ways to write better captions, examples for different EO scents and blends, plus an Instagram hashtag list to make your captions engaging beyond crafty stories and call-to-actions.

EO Stop Motion Tutorial & Video Templates by The Freelancers Academy (Valued at $29)

If you’re new to creating video, then this step-by-step video tutorial is perfect to get you started! You can now create stop motion videos like a pro to educate and attract your EO customers. Have fun with these editable Canva templates for your upcoming video post.

EO Audio Guide & Music Templates by The Freelancers Academy (Valued at $29)

Wondering how to use your voice or music to market essential oils? This audio guide has ideas plus gives you an understanding of how different music invokes certain kinds of emotions from your audience. Be unique and stand out in the world of essential oils!

EO Packaging Templates & Brand Elements Guide by Lookeesan Creatives (Valued at $29)

Creating your essential oil packaging labels with matching thank you cards has never been easier. These Canva templates that are made for roller and mist bottles are 100% editable and can serve as a guide for EO business owners to create their own branded packaging.

EO Website Planning & Structure by Poised Creatives
(Valued at $29)

An easy to follow, actionable guidebook for your website content! Learn the 5 steps to plan and organise your website content that’s easy for your visitors to understand, plus learn how to create a sitemap. Say yes to more structure and accountability in getting your website published.

EO Branding Values by Elinur Creatives
(Valued at $29)

Unsure of how to brand your business? The workbook will help you craft your first brand statement so you can strategize your logo design, website design and marketing strategy for your ideal customer. Say goodbye to aimless and inconsistent branding for your EO business!

Get over $145++ worth of information for only $49.


These are all great tools to boost your essential oil business presence, leave an impression and nurture leads for business growth!


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Who is this Marketing Essentials for Essential Oils Bundle for?

If you need help with:

  • Learning different aspects of the marketing landscape 
  • Optimising your existing essential oil business
  • Starting a new essential oil business

Then this bundle is great for you.

It’s also highly recommended for:

  • Essential Oil Resellers/Distributors
  • Essential Oil Blend Product Owners
  • Wellness Products/Instructors/Coaches/Business Owners
  • Virtual Assistants who assist Essential Oil Business Owners
  • Passionate Essential Oil Lovers Looking To Start A Business

Got Questions?

If you’re struggling with branding, designing and marketing your digital essential oil business through quality content, then this bundle is for you.

If you’re unsure of the type of content that works for your business, then this bundle is for you.

If you’re running out of ideas to fill up your content calendar, then this bundle is for you.

If you work alone and find it difficult to create content, and you just don’t have time to read through so many ideas, then this bundle is perfect for you.

All the business owners who have come up with content in this bundle are already levelling up their business through the content they create. They have years of experience in running businesses. As solopreneurs themselves, they know that the struggle is REAL. And they want to help you overcome this struggle and start LOVING the business operations process.

Get this bundle today.

These are all great tools to kickstart or boost your essential oil business to leave an impression on your audience and nurture leads for sale!

Seven female business owners and content creators have come together to add their individual resources in this group. These include:

  • EO Branding Values (Elinur Creatives)
  • EO Packaging Templates & Brand Elements Guide (Lookeesan Creatives)
  • EO Website Planning & Structure (Poised Creatives)
  • EO Stop Motion Tutorial & Video Templates (The Freelancers Academy)
  • EO Audio Guide & Music Templates (The Freelancers Academy)
  • EO Instastories Engagement Sequence (15BigDreams)
  • EO Captions Guide & Hashtag List (Mini Marketing Hacks)

Scroll up to see details of each item.

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