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Podcast the Next Big Wave

Why audio editing is important & podcast.

Audio on its own effects our emotions and it determines the type of emotion you’d want to invoke in your audience. For an example, when you watch a horror movie without its audio it seems less scary than with the audio. Not only it effects the emotions but gives your brand a voice.

The importance of audio editing lies in making sure there’s quality on your audio to represent your brand’s voice better. If you’re able to evoke your target audience’s emotions into believing in your brand, they’re already sold. This can be done in a form of a jingle. Jingle is a short a piece of music, about 5 – 10 seconds long to help identify your brand. This way, even without looking just from hearing the jingle people already could relate that sound or song to your brand!

Podcast is definitely in the trend. If you’re not on it, get on it now! The wave is coming into our Asian waters soon. More popularly in the Western region, slowly making its way to Asia.

This platform is a great medium to get your voice heard or share your experiences to your audience. Be it in a form of education or story telling, its always convenient to plug in some earphones and listen to an episode while doing your everyday tasks.

It’s convenient, efficient and effective to reach to your target audience depending on the kind of content you’d like to bring across in order to make an impact to your listeners.

Azurah J

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