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Reels are the latest buzz.

Why are people so desperate to join the Reels bandwagon?

We all know video content is the in thing. But with the introduction and spread of Reels, posting Reels might improve your overall Instagram engagement.

This is why the business buddies are back with another bundle of digital products to help YOU ace your Reels journey!

Introducing the
Reels Starter Pack.

Who is this Starter Pack for?

In our individual journey as marketers, we’ve heard people say the following things about their Reels journey:

💌 Unsure where to start with creating Reels
💌 No or overwhelmed with content ideas
💌 No time to record your videos or take photos or to edit Reels!
💌 Too shy to show your own face
💌 Not having a good time doing Reels
💌 Not getting good quality engagement from Reels

We’ve not only heard it all, but as Instagram content creators ourselves, we have felt some of these things too!

This is why we’ve come up with the Starter Pack that helped us with our Reels journey so you don’t have to start from scratch!

What’s in this Reels Starter Pack?

Reels 101 by PeachyPixx Productions

Everything you need to know about recording, editing, stitching Reels from our video expert, Renee. She has prepared an ultimate guide for beginners to start your Reels journey from scratch. She also shares some trade secrets on how to create the best kinds of Reels and how to do so with certain tools. You need this guide to help you ace your Reels journey for your business or brand on Instagram.

Audio for Reels by Avocado Jam Studio

AJ, our resident audio expert, has just the thing you need to work your way around the new world of audio that Reels have introduced to Instagram. She shares ways of recording your own voice overs to make your Reels “heard”. She also takes it to the next level by guiding you on importing audio so you can make your Reels stand out even more – and that too, with the effectiveness of reaching your audience.

Reels Content Idea + Caption Sheet by 15 Big Dreams & Mini Marketing Hacks

Too overwhelmed with creating content that you just can’t think of ideas? We understand. Content idea guru Feetri and caption coach Manisha join forces to bring you the sheet that you need to just keep creating. Not only does the worksheet have ideas, but you also have audio examples that you can immediately use and caption templates for each idea that you can edit and launch.

Bonus Items by Lookeesan Creatives

Our graphic design queen Liyana is providing you with a Canva template for Reels covers. Just in case you were hoping that Reels don’t need any design element outside of the app, Liyana is here to remind you that the cover photos you have for your Reels should also be given some importance. She’s made your life easy by preparing templates that you can edit and download for your Reels, fast.

+++ Additional PDFs for Instagram marketing



That’s about $100+ worth of items for so little. What are you waiting for?

Why buy from us

In the past, we have created the following products that have benefitted business owners by promoting their products and services on Instagram.

We’ve had the following:

Two of us (find out who below!) have also worked on multiple Reels Workshop that has benefited many home-based and solo business owners.

This time, we’re bringing you something more current.

It’s what the people want, it’s what the algorithm wants, and if you want to succeed then get this starter pack to help you soar!

Who are we?

We keep talking about business buddies, but who are we?

Renee Ismail

Renee is our person to go for anything video. In our business buddies group, she is the one who keeps telling us to create Reels! She’s full of tips and tricks to make video creation and editing super easy. Along with Feetri, Renee has also trained several business owners on creating Reels for their Instagram accounts. Follow her at @peachypixx.

Feetri Rahim

While Renee is the arm and leg of Reels, Feetri is a powerhouse of ideas. She brings out the big guns when it comes to relevant, relatable, authentic and FUN content for her clients. If one of us ever feels stuck with content ideas, Feetri is the one we seek out. So just imagine how much value she brings to this Starter Pack. Follow her at @15bigdreams.

Manisha Dhalani

Supplementing Feetri’s throng of ideas is our wordsmith of the group, Manisha. She’s all about writing content and stories that reach out to your audience and tug on emotions or logic. She’s our little group’s resident English teacher, always telling us to focus on blogs and captions to get the word out, literally. Follow her at @minimarketinghacks.

Azurah Jan (AJ)

Audio is the in-thing with Reels and AJ is the person you need to help you get the right sound. This audiophile is a music teacher by day and a sound goddess by night. AJ makes you lean in closer and pay attention to something that we often ignore on Instagram – audio. We dance to her tune, sometimes. Follow her at @avocadojamstudio.

Liyana Ahmad

We always forget Reels covers but Liyana is there to remind us about it. A self-taught designer who is always willing to teach us new things about design, we value this gentle guru’s feedback tremendously. Her contribution keeps us on our toes in our journey to give graphics more careful consideration and due attention. Follow her at @lookeesan.

What clients say about our past projects:

Others love it, we know you will too

Got Questions?

If you’re struggling with marketing your business on Instagram through quality content, then this pack is for you.

If you’re unsure which type of content works for your business, then this pack is for you.

If you’re running out of ideas to fill up your content calendar for your Instagram account, then this pack is for you.

If you’re confident that you can sell on Instagram, but you need some guidance and tips to polish your content and level up, then this pack is for you.

If you work alone and find it daunting to create content on Instagram, and you just don’t have time to read through so many ideas, then this pack is perfect for you.

All the business owners who have come up with content in this bundle are already levelling up their business through the content they create. They have years of experience in running businesses. As solopreneurs themselves, they know that the struggle is REAL. And they want to help you overcome this struggle and start LOVING the content creation process.

Get this pack today.

This pack is carefully curated for solopreneurs, mumpreneurs, home-based business owners, content creators, virtual assistants.

  • Reels 101
  • Reels Content Idea + Caption Sheet
  • Audio for Reels
  • Bonus Items

+++ Additional PDFs for Instagram marketing

These are all great tools to kickstart your Reels to leave an impression to your audience and nurture leads for sale!

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