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How to Start freelancing in 2021

Congratulations, if you’re reading this you’ve made it to 2021. 

2020, was a game-changer for us all and more so for freelancers like yourself. If you’re considering freelancing in 2021, we saw how freelancers pursued what they love in 2020 and came out stronger. And now that things are looking better for the world, it’s a good time for those of you on the fence about freelancing to make the switch.

Studies have shown that larger companies are looking to hire more remote-freelancers who are experts in their field to cut down on in-house workers. In addition, the shift in the economic framework is changing how businesses operate after going through and surviving a pandemic.

Let’s look at more reasons why you should start freelancing in 2021:

Increase in demands for tech freelance experts

There’s an increase in demand for tech freelance experts. This is due to the pandemic where workers are forced to work remotely and it has greatly affected how companies and businesses run in 2021. In a recent Mckinsey survey companies “have accelerated digitization of key channels – supply chain, customer, employee – and 67% have accelerated automation and AI.” 

In addition to greater access to global tech talent, it would be easier to hire a tech freelancer for a project-to-project basis. This shows you that when you start freelancing in 2021, it would be wise to be a freelancer in the tech field due to its growing demands. Perhaps, this is an area you can look into if you’re looking at expanding your freelancing skills portfolio.

Rise in income for freelancers

For freelancers who take their profession seriously, there’s a rise in the income they’re earning. What you should know is that over time the quality of freelancers has improved and when you take a side hustle and treat it as your business, how much you earn will be reflected on how you treat your freelance business. Kudos to the Payoneer who conducted a study around freelancers 70% under 35 and 21% below 25. 

This study shows that “more experienced freelancers earn more than twice as much as the youngest cohort.” This means that experience is key and probably how quickly you’re able to adapt to the ever-changing digital world. The paper qualification here does not reflect your income when it comes to the freelancing world. All the more to start freelancing in 2021 when you have the means to double your income!

More companies are hiring freelancers

Last but not least, confidence in hiring freelancers goes hand in hand with the global remote work experiment that almost all businesses had to go through. When you start freelancing in 2021 you will join this poll of freelancers to provide your skills to large companies. A recent study from Upwork mentioned that “There has been a significant increase in the demand for hiring remote freelancers. As businesses become comfortable working remotely, they are also overcoming one of the potential concerns of working with remote freelancer platforms.” 

Aside from the norm of remote work starting to increase with businesses and companies, there’s a possibility of cutting expenditure costs as well as an increase in productivity when you hire freelancers versus paying an employee. Which one do you think would be more cost effective? Hiring freelancers like yourself, right? 

All the more reason for you to start freelancing in 2021! It’s better late than never and now is the perfect time to join the freelancing world.

The view of freelancers is getting more positive feedback after what happened in 2020. You can see that being a freelancer is a profession as to be on par or even better compared to our employee counterparts. There’s nothing wrong if you’ve chosen to be an employee nothing wrong with that. However, if you’re reading this something tells us that somewhere inside you’re having thoughts of freelancing.

Now, let’s turn that thought into action. Head over to TFA Circle where we hold you accountable and ensure you’re on the right path!

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Good luck!

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