The Freelancers Academy

  • Keen to start your own freelance business?
  • Still skeptical if freelancing is for you?
  • Want to bring your freelance profession to the next level?

Then, TFA Circle is for YOU!

What is TFA Circle?

TFA CIRCLE is your one-stop center to equip yourself with the right skills and connect with the right people to elevate your freelance career.

It is a subscription community platform specially curated for skilled individuals who want to enter the freelancing world or who want to elevate their profession in freelancing.

What you’ll get:

💡 Be part of a larger community

💡 Immerse in our diverse resource library

💡 Instant connections to experts in different fields

💡 Weekly accountability checks

💡 Face-to-face clarity sessions / virtual calls


Real-time customised solutions to your problems.​


A safe, supportive and self-driven community.


 Making sure you stay on track.


Unlimited access to our evergreen library.​


Upgrade yourself to stay relevant.

What's inside TFA Circle Subscription

  • Monthly clarity calls with AJ & Renee ($120)
  • Yearly online Summit ($47)
  • 2 ByteClasses a month ($39)
  • Monthly accountability checks (Priceless)
  • Connect & collaborate in FB group (Priceless)
  • Specially curated monthly webinar by TFA experts (Priceless)
  • Monthly closed-door networking session with TFA Experts (Priceless)
  • Q&A sessions every 6 months with TFA experts & TFA Partners (Priceless)

Includes access to 3 products:

  • Monthly ByteClasses
  • Tutorials
  • Bonus resources


What’s different about TFA CIRCLE?

At TFA Circle we believe in bite-sized and actionable content that enable you to take action from Day 1.

You’ll get access to all our industry experts in the freelancing field at the click of a button.

As a freelancer, time is precious and we aim to respond faster than Google to answer all your freelance inquiries.

TFA Circle aims to be a community with self-driven individuals who want to spur ahead in their freelance journey and a collaborative environment to connect with the right partners.

Who is TFA Circle for?

TFA Circle is perfect for freelancers who wish to elevate their profession, regardless of the stage of freelancing you’re at.

TFA Circle is a perfect fit if you fall under these categories:

  • Thinking of freelancing
  • Just started freelancing
  • Freelancing as a side hustle
  • Wanting to bring your freelance profession to the next level
  • Want to keep yourself updated with the freelance community
  • Small & home-based business owners who buys & sells goods and/ or services
  • Online business owners
  • Commission agent (e.g. insurance agent, real estate agent)

Got Questions?

  • Anyone who is thinking of entering the freelance world
  • Anyone who wants to understand the freelance market better
  • Freelancers who are starting out
  • Freelancers who want to bring their business to the next level
  • Freelancers who want to create a sustainable business

Freelancers who want a fast guide to build a freelance career and are not willing to put theory into practice. If you’re looking for a done-for-you program, this might not be the platform suited for you 🙂

  • Here at TFA Circle, we ensure that our content stays relevant with the trend and we understand the pain points of freelancers from experience.
  • We provide clarity calls where you’ll get personalised solutions to your problems.
  • Content will be delivered as online videos where you can watch on the go.
  • You can access our downloadables and templates for reference.

The program officially starts April 2021.

TFA Circle is not a private mentoring program, it’s a group membership. Even so, we give all members the attention, listen to their struggles, answer their questions in a timely fashion, share tips and strategies best moving forward. If you are active in the Discord Group, we’re confident that you will feel supported.

The live calls will usually be done via Zoom  which will be updated in  the TFA Circle Post segment.

  • Get ready to dive deep and get clarity in what freelancing is and for you to turn it into a long term sustainable profession.
  • Gain confidence as you learn to share your story, understand your personal brand better and attract new recurring clients in an ever-changing market and emerge as an expert in your industry.

The TFA Circle membership is SGD$39/month

As TFA Circle membership is priced at an affordable rate with a cancel-at-anytime feature, there will be no refunds available once you’ve paid your monthly fee. However, we’re confident you’ll continue to stay and benefit from the easy access mentorship and energy of the community!